Age Stratification

Stratification is the act or process or arranging persons into classes or social strata. Age stratification is the unequal distribution of scarce resources based on one's age. This relates to Ageism because the elderly are sometimes looked down upon and treated unfairly thus giving them an unequal distribution of resources which can be from jobs to everyday help to food. Some have trouble going through life everyday because of these reasons and others. Also, there isn't a great amount of people out there willing to help the elderly when they need help to live. Some have trouble affording things like living in a nursing home, which isn't the best place to live sometimes. Some nursing homes are horrible and don't give the elderly the resources they need to feel comfortable and content.


Age Stratification Information
Age Based Stratification
Lying about Age

Percentages of persons under 65 years of age without health insurance coverage at the time of interview, by age group and sex.